Postive Thought Section?

There is no cure but twenty ago at a PD conference you would know who had PD..NOT NOW ..because of advances in treatmennt ..please only postive on this thread
What a fantastic thread to start Robfen - thank you for that!

It would be wonderful to read some positive thoughts on the subject.
I'm with you, Robfen and budgies.

PD is not, in itself, life threatening;

studies show that exercise can alleviate symptoms, which means PD sufferers have an element of control over their condition;

it's likely that a cure, or treatment resembling a cure, will be found within ten years;

it will not be necessary to restore dopamine levels to 100%, as 40% or 50% will be sufficient to restore a PD sufferer to normality;

there are many people who are far, far worse off than us;

at the end of the day, there is always Creative Corner to turn to! :wink:

Is that positive enough?
So, have I got this right?
You don't die of PD, you die with it. I will feel better if I jump up & down. I can look forward to feeling much better in 10 years time. I need only to consider myself 50% deficient. I should be grateful. And there is always time to rhyme?
Keep postive folks and lets celebrate our lifes every morning and show Parky who real boss is :grin::grin::grin:

Oh yes, and you could fall under a bus tomorrow.
Postive only Lilly please:grin:
Nice one Robfen - what an uplifting thread :-)
I spoke at a young parky's conference last year and it was an honest speech but here's a positive snippet from it,
"For me, recovering from my diagnosis meant realising that i still have a life, developing coping strategies, and in particular being lucky in finally getting some meds that made a difference gave me a lot of hope and helped open up my vision of my future once again. I have to say I feel fortunate in many respects – that if i do have to be seriously ill, i live in a country and a time where i have access to good quality health care, and drugs that have given me back enjoyment in daily life. . I’m braver than i used to be, but I am mindful of where I am in this experience. I know my attitude has become more positive because while no venture is stress-free, i no longer dismiss future ventures a s being impossible. Rather try to assess how i can realistically make them happen, or move goal posts if necessary. I try not to think “can i do this?” but rather, “How can i do this”. I try to be mindful and enjoy today – can i achieve what i want to achieve today, if so, hurray. Being unwell highlights what I’ve always known, that you should try to make the most of today. Conversely, I’ve learnt that it’s also ok to sit back and smell the roses sometimes".

Is that positive enough? :-)
I feel positive i can get through each day with pd believing that a solution through research is on the horizon.Now where,ah!
If you want to see something that's GUARANTEED to make you smile, go to YouTube and key in:

baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper

Hi lily
just watched the video ,brillant!!!!:smile::smile:
I know theres no cure for me but i know there a new line of drugs shortly that hopefully will help me live a better life ..My head is not in sky but we have live without fear or we do shut the doors on our selfs ...I am confident there will be a cure for great nephews who might inherit the PD gene ....PD does make you selfish and i am trying to repair the damaged i have caused....The people that love deserved your postive approach not the negative no matter how hard..It took me two years to come terms that i wasnt going to recover but i see every day as challenge and god gave us life..We dont know how long we got but lets be postive and enjoy it ...Read that brave young mans post when he got up at youngs people parkinson in liverpool...I was there three years go and went with a young girl in late twenties with 2 kids and she came back in optmistic frame of mind..Iam pratical ,with great humour but most of all postive after being down .....I lost my niece through a heart attack but when i goe to her funeral i will think of great times we had together ...She was my favourite niece as i was her favourite uncle ..........postive thoughts only ........ROB:grin:
Nearly as rib-tickling as "Gordon Brown picking his nose"....

on YouTube, I mean.....
The World Parkinsons Society are looking for a million signatures for 2013 to influence governments thinking and funding on Pd please read and sign no money involved
The World Parkinsons Society are looking for a million signatures for 2013 to influence governments thinking and funding on Pd please read and sign no money involved
Well Im going to live forever .So far so good
..True incident today i was driving on a fast road today when i noticed the car in front of me, brake lights come on and pull to side of road ...i indicated to overtake her and as i was doing that the car pulled of and tried to take right hand junction in front me ..I had to swerve and jam the brakes on ...Iwas lucky that my reactions and new car came together at right time..Otherwise i wouldnt be here...I have slowed up in movement:wink: but can still react in a emergency:wink::astonished:
It feels good doesnt it,weird how we can react quickly and spontaneously to an external event like you describe.But try deliberate action and it just doesnt work.If we could only reprogramme our circuitry.Like the guy who can ride a bike 10 miles a day but cant walk 10metres,or the PWP who raced out of a burning building and froze once outside.
Twenty words to start the day...

Yes, definitely, right, good, plus,exciting, fantastic, amazing, beautiful, brilliant, sunshine, happiness, friends, laughing, fun, alive, positive, optimistic, confident, ready…

It works!