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I'm happy to confirm there's no truth to the rumour our name change to 'Parkinson's UK' means any change to who can use the forum. The forum and website will continue to be here 24/7 for people affected by Parkinson's wherever they are in the world. In the past few days we've had visitors from over 100 countries including Ghana, Azerbaijan, Lativa and even Wellington, New Zealand my home town. The website enables us to get information on Parkinson's out to people anywhere in the world. Our forum members, Facebook and Twitter followers are truly international. Last week I even responded to a request for Parkinson's research info from a Chile 'Twitter' follower (albeit in rather bad Spanish)
Hi everyone – just wanted to reassure you your posts won’t get deleted unless they break the forum conditions.

We really don’t take the decision to suspend people lightly and this only happens after several warnings. In fact we’ve been criticized for not suspending people soon enough. But we can’t tolerate abusive content, including posts or emails sent to other users or moderators.

We do try to contact people to explain why a post has been edited or deleted –but where users repeatedly make posts that breach guidelines we may have to edit or remove them without letting them know –and this has been the situation recently.

We definitely welcome views about how to make sure the charity is as effective as possible. If you would like an individual response to any comments or suggestions remember you can email [email protected]. You can also join the debate on topical issues on the Talk Parkinsons blog (

We hope you’ll continue to help us make sure that when people come to the forum they find a friendly space where they can get the support they need.