I read the article with bated breath as  I have put much faith in the gene therapy as a future treatment.

I was surprised that it just appears to be a sour grapes interpretation of the Lancet report written by a less successful competitor in the field of gene therapy.

 The clinical trial results report a significant improvement in motor function in all 15 patients and no significant side effects. The patients treated continue to improve and the next stage of trials will look at higher doses and improvements in delivery.

I was unable to find reports of the many previous gene therapy trials of a similar nature referred to by the writer.

I continue to have great faith in Dr Roger Barker, a man of talent and integrity who has worked with PUK on many occasions.

Don't give up hope because of one  critical article from a biased individual!





For anyone who didn't read it, this is the info on which the criticisms were made.

I personally find it most encouraging.


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There has been no further information for nearly 3 years despite an assurance that the next stage of clinical trials of Prosavin gene therapy would begin in 2014.

I still fear that the vested interests of the drug companies are at work in influencing funding to delay the success of a one-off treatment that has so much promise.

Has Research any information about the long delay in progress in clinical trials?



2 years have gone by…any update from Research?


Hi @goldengirl,

I have passed your query onto our research team and will update you as soon as I have more information.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Best wishes,


Hi @goldengirl,

Just an update on my previous post regarding your query.

In the clinical trial of ProSavin, it was found to be safe and well tolerated. They found no serious adverse effects, and improvements in the motor issues associated with Parkinson’s were found.

Oxford Biomedica decided to move ahead with OXB-102, which is more potent than ProSavin. According to Oxford Biomedica, OXB-102 has been developed to increase the likelihood of success in later stages of development. The company are currently in the preparation phase for a phase I/II study of OXB-102 in Parkinson’s – I think they are waiting for regulatory approval.

As far as we know that trial is supposed to begin this year (2018).

I hope you find this information useful.

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