Q&As - Physiotherapy

Hi Patann,
I also have been diagnosed with MSA.
Its a real pain, because so few people know about it. I have been in cintact with the Sarah Matheson Trust, people who do know about it, and they have provided a lot of help.
Could you please suggest exercises that will help with the daily bouts I get of dystonia in my abdominal muscles. When I get them my abdominal wall muscles contract tightly and painfully (as though I was preparing myself for someone throwing a punch), and I can hardly move, and even talking or sitting in a chair are difficult.
The dystonia usually occurs when my PD medication is wearing off, or can be started by just bending over to pick up something, or, for example, bending over the sink to clean my teeth.
I would like to know whether there are exercises I can do on a regular basis to avert the dystonia, and whether there is an exercise or posture I could use to reduce the severity of a bout when it does occur.
Thank you Fiona ,what a wonderful idea it is to do this Q&A,I have had painful shoulders and arms for 7 years,diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005,had not realised until recently that it was anything to do with Parkinson's.I am 73 and have had several falls recently,and your answers have covered a lot of my queries
Thanks again
Many thanks for the succinct and helpful advice, and thanks to the team for organising this useful Q&A session. I hope there will be more like it in the future.
Hi Fiona,
Thanks for the advice.I was told to do the exercises at least everyday if not more than once a day.Maybe i overdid it.I'm just as bad if not worse since laying off a couple of weeks ago.That must be the stiffening up.I will have to keep it moving,maybe the same exercises but not into the pain zone.
My physiotherapist is waiting for me to contact her with the go ahead for accupuncture,i will pass on the advice and the suggestion of Hydrotherapy.
Thanks again for your time and help,it has come at just the right time for me.
Your gratefully