Question---- forums

How does one get access to the 'posts' that reply to a topic?
Morning Emily

I find the forum to be a wonderful release and a great source of information, however, just a couple of niggling items that would improve the forum.

Firstly, could the names of the medications be added to the dictionary and secondly is there anyway the posts that we are responding too can remain on the screen while we write a reply.

I know I am being very pinnickally, I wonder why.

and thank you for keeping us all in line.

Ho Jonny.

There is a way of doing this.

You have the site open and are reading the posts.
Now minimise this window by clicking on the box with a square, next to the box you use to close a window, the red X one.
This will minimise the screen.
Now, open the PDS site again.
Find the post that you want to reply to.
Minimise this the same way as before.
They will now be side by side on your screen.

Morning Benji

I feel such a fool, I have been doing that for years as part of my job.

Gormless Jonny
Sorry to make it words of one syllable, I thought you were a novice!! LOL!