Ralnea XL 2Mg

Hi all

I have just started on my medication and would like to know how soon I can expect to feel the benefit.

Its Ralnea XL 2mg

Thanks to all

ralnea is non-generic ropinerole which is the same chemical as in requip.
it has a long titration period which means you start of on a low dosage and very gradually work up to an effective dosage. it is not safe to hurry the process.
the effects on people vary quite a lot - good and not so good.
the product site (in slovak) says that 4mg can be enough for some people but i think 8mg is more normal. the max is 24 but i would be surprised if you got given that much due to the risk of compulsive bevahiour (gambling, shopping, sex etc). watch out for signs of risky behaviour and let someone close know of the risks. did your neuro speak to you about that? i found ropinerole effective for several years.
that should have been 'generic' not 'non-generic'