Random symptoms

Does anybody else have a selection of symptoms that vary from day to day or week to week. I take the same cocktail of drugs every day at the same time but yet over the christmas period i slept from 11pm- 7am, this past week cant sleep til 3.00am ish awake at 6.30am. Before Xmas my start hesitation/freezing meant that I did not gain full control of my legs until 8.00 so careered round the kitchen making breakfast for kids bouncing off all surfaces and lost control of legs again between 8.30 - 10.00 at night. But, since New Year have not touched the apomorphine given to me as a rescue remedy to help with the freezing. Some days I can walk quite normally - today I fell 5 times walking my dogs in a 15 minute period. Sometimes any slightly stessful situation and my thighs tremble for what seems like hours - this week I survived the tube, national express east anglia, passport office and PD consultation all in one day. Talk about ups and downs!
But having caught up with Forum today -I must say I feel rather humble -so many people are suffering much more than me - wanted to reply to so many but not sure what to say but thinking of everyone.
Hi - Lexi I too get random symptoms that come and visit for a day/week/month then leave as quickly as they came and can the go up to a year without them calling again :question: hope your visitor leaves you in peace