Hi Aviator,
Our situation must be fairly similar as I am on almost identical medications. I am grateful for your very clear analysis of what each of the drugs is prescribed for. My main symptom is tremors from which I have been troubled for 7 years. Sinamet has never given me any relief and my neurologist recently prescribed Selegeline which I understand is similar to Rasagaline. I was advised to try selegeline for a couple of months and move on to Ropinirole if I gained no benefit from Selegeline. So I have very recently commenced on Ropinirole and, despite the problems associated with Dopamine Agonists, I have to admit it is the first medication I have taken for PD which has given me any relief and reduced my tremors. |I am still shaking but not to the same extent as I was previously. I am taking 4 mg daily with the advice to increase up to 12 mg over a period of weeks. However, I am cautious of the risks we take with Dopamine Agonists and |I am content to remain on 4 mg for the time being. I thought you might be interested in my experience. Best Wishes, Gerrard

Hi Sue, my dose of co-cardelopa is the same as yours. I take Rasagiline once a day about 8.30 ish in the morning. I take my Mirapexin at the same time. It seems to work for me but I have no idea whether it would be okay for you. You just have to try it and see. I tend not to mess about with times of meds.
My meds List for the day is as follows,
6am 2 cardelopa plus a tab for my thyroid.
8.30 Mirapexin, Rasagiline plus Omeprazole for stomach problems
10 am 2 cardelopa
2pm 2cardelopa plus one tab for waterworks problems
6pm 2 cardelopa
Last thing at night a slow release Sinamet tab

I would be interested to hear other peoples daily meds regime. I consider myself on a fairly low dosage but maybe someone disagrees.

Hi Papajoe,
I have been diagnosed for over 6 years
.Here is my daily meds list,
1 thyroxine for under active thyroid
1 lozartan for high blood pressure
For parkinsons it’s
5madapor x187.5
2 controlled release at night at 125
1 dispersable madapor at 62 5
And 1 selegeline of 10mg
Hope this info is helpful
Cheers Anne d

Hi Anne29. It just goes to show, particularly newly diagnosed people how different the meds can be for each individual. There are no hard and fast rules with PD that’s for sure.

Hi kt

I received my Mucuna Pruriens powder today and am researching dosages. Can you tell me what dose you take and how often, thanks in advance

I take Keter Wellness brand I get from amazon 700 mg of 20% standardized extract. I don’t notice any difference

Bottle says take two a day and I have been taking only one. Going to increase

Thank you for your prompt response, greatly appreciated. I have read many articles and have no definite conclusion as to dosage but have decided that I will take 100mg tomorrow and see how I fair after that. Low and slow. I will keep the forum updated. Thanks once again I wish everyone well with their medication regime.

Hi Aviator and all,

I have been told by a couple of neurologists that especially at the earler stages of PD it is advisable to take several different medications at a lower dosis rather than using one at increasingly high dosis. This to avoid severe side effects which tend to appear sooner if our body/brain is exposed to higher dosis of a single medication. By splitting therapy into several medications with lower dosage, the therapy remains then below the radar screen for the body and so less adverse reactions can be expected.

Makes sense for me…

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My daily intake is
1mg Azilect
1.05mg Mirapexin
3x sinemet plus 25/100mg.

What I would say is that I have no idea if that is a little, average or a lot.

Hi papajoe and Anne29, it is so strange how many different meds each PD sufferer has to contend with I was DX 8 years ago. the only PD meds I have been on and still am are :slight_smile:

Ropinirole XL prolonged release started on 2mg per day, now take 18mg per day 3 per day (2 x 8mg
1 x 2mg = 18mg)

Sinimet 12.5mg/50mg take 2 three times a day (started taking this Feb 2018) 6 per day

Clopidogrel 75mg (blood thinning) 1 per day

Losartan Potassium 50mg (High blood pressure) 1 per day

Atorvastin cholesterol 40mg 1 per day

That’s about it!!


Sounds pretty low to me. The question is , does it work for you ? If you feel pretty good then it is the right dosage.After 10 years I am on
1mg Azilect
1 x 2.1 Mirapexin
2 x 4 Carbidopa/Levodopa 25/100mg

I had been on rasagiline for about 4 years but recently stopped because I am trying to find the cause of a prominent skin rash that I have been experiencing for a similar period. The rash is like a ‘heat rash’ but has, at times, been more severe - with raised ‘papules. Has anyone else experienced a significant skin rash in association with rasagiline or another PD medication?

Hi DJM53 - Been on Ragasiline for a month now, along side other Parky meds and have been ok up to now, but I’ll keep it in mind what you have commented on