Can anyone tell me if there is a link between Parkinsons and Raynauds? Thanks.


i think i read there might be a link between srogrens disease which is a auto immune disease elle  with parkinson like symptoms

Thanks Sea angler. Will see what I can find out.


Don't think there is any link between raynauds and parkinsons ElleMac, I was DX with raynauds years before the parkinsons was DX. The blood pressure tablets I take have helped with it. When I was a child my lips would turn blue with the cold and my finger ends looked like i'd dipped them in paint! The pain was excruciating. Do you suffer with it ?


Thanks Sheffy. I don' t know if I have it. If I do it is quite mild. Over the past year I have noticed that increasingly The tips of my fingers become white or blueish and sometimes tingly. I just wondered if it was common among those with Parkinsons or nothing to do with that. Thought I was a bit old to start with something like that now. 

Hope you keeping well.

EM x


You may have just started with it, I have grown out of it I think now, or it could be the blood pressure meds i'm on that has helped, I don't get it half as bad as I used to. There is'nt an awful lot they can do about it either so keep your hands as warm as possible even if it means wearing gloves in home! Mine used to change colour just going from one room to another with the change in temperature.

Hope you do well - Sheffy x


Hi, My mum with PD was occasionally having blue cold fingers. At her last consultation with PD specialist her Co Beneldopa was increased & started on Fludrocortisone for low BP & dizzyness. This seems to have helped with the circulation probs in fingers.

Hope this helps, Abi.