A very thoughtful thread.

Incidentally, to make a copy of the original article, open a blank word document, highlight the article, (press and hold down the left mouse button), right click on the mouse and select copy, or press Crtl and C at the same time. Move the cursor to the word document and press Crtl and V at the same time, or right click on the mouse and select Paste.
thanks for your replies Radz and mrst sometimes it does help to write things down at least there not going around in your head.
There ar a lot of kind thoughful people on thsi website
Best wishes x
Thanks Anneg for telling us how to get a copy of this very good article I have managed to do that and still hope that it may get into the Parkinsons mag.
I hope you all have a good day tomorrow.
best wishes
Hi, all. Just been reading and crying through some of your posts. My beautiful husband of only 3 years was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago - about 2 months after we married. I'm going to give a talk to my Women's Institute Group about living with PD - obviously from my point of view but have been reading lots on the website about it and am now so scared of what the future will bring. Husband went on a low dose of Sinemet 6 months ago, first meds, and the difference that has made is absolutely amazing. I just so fear what's ahead.
I'll be back when I've blown my nose! Love and hugs to you all.
Hello everyone,
This is my 1st post so I hope I will be as sensitive as possible & share with you my experience with Parkinsons.

My mum was diagnosed when she was about 44 & I was only aout 13 at the time. This was about 1974. She was a staff nurse & worked up until the age of about 55,around about 1985.

At the time, I think she just found it really hard to comes to terms with it, because in 1974, there wasn't the treatment available as it is today, & I also think because of a predispostion to depression on her side of the family, it kind of componded things somewhat, because I since read that depression can be part of the Parkinsons 'package', & being a nurse, in her way she was reluctant to take any kind of medication, which still really makes me really sad today because, it could have made her life a bit easeier. Apparantely they say doctors & nurses make the worse patients!!!

I'll always remember she was a really clean living person, & never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes, or so much as took an asprin, so I think being told you had Parkinsons would have been a prety cruel blow.

I will also always remember clearly though before the Parkinsons diagnosis, she never appeared to have so much as a cold, so back in 1974, I suppose being told you have Parkinsons, was just about the last thing you wanted to hear.

For many years I worried about developing Parkinsons as back in the 70's & 80's there wasn't the treatment or knowledge about Parkinsons as is available today, but thank goodness for medical researh, as there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

One really long lasting memory of my mum will always be this. I remember once, when I was about 16/17 (not knowing at the time, she had Parkinson & because beleive it or not the only person she told was my dad, we were quite a large family)) I said to my mum, 'Mum. If someone is really ill, why dont you just let them go in dignity, & not prolong the agony with medication' etc., & she looked at me straight in the eyes with a look of horror on her face & said "Weres there's life theres hope".

So please, anybody out there reading this, please keep in contact with your GP's & other professionals, & never give up. xx
I have just found this link and agree entirley. I've spent over three years avoiding going out, meeting people every day tasks others take for granted and through all this time my wonderful husband has stood by me. Times when i've prayed for an excuse to avoid an invite or visit. There have been days when i would hide rather than answer the door and didn't have the confidence to talk on the telephone or visit my doctor unacompanied. I lacked self asteem and felt like my social life was finished!

With the love and support of my husband and family i am moving on, i worry about the future and sometimes think i would be better not knowing how my pd may progress. I get on with every day life and try and not think what may/may not happen.

My biggest achievment todate is to go shopping alone!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Well done you Big C. Going shopping alone is a huge achievement (would you mind coming to do mine?)
And mine! (I'm sure Hull is nearer to you than Mayo).
after a long and very hard marrage,i now look at life and wonder why did i ever try as hard as i could to keep it going,all he did is drink and drink,gamble all the money my life has changed so much,i have carers that have to come in and help me 4 times aday ,i hae social time once a week when i can go out were ever i like,rest of the time,i have to wait to see if my daughter will take me out,but she is so busy working and her life is full,busy busy busy.i also got to my pd meeting once a month,and the rest of the time stook in the four walls ,tryin to keep me slef busy,organizing fundraising events.when things were all over i thought i would never have no one ever agin,cus my health was gettin worse,but i began to see a man who also had pd,such a gentaleman,and we had so much fun togeather,but there was situations on his side that it could not carry on no longer,which left me so saddered,to this day i hurtstill hard to accept.i was left feeling no one else will wont me,ive deterated so much with other health issues,i thought this is how my life will be now,but since ive had two other men show interset in me,but ive turned it down,cus im still in love with the other man.and feel i casrnt love another.i sit her at nite by me self wonderin wot are u doin ali,u fool get out there take someones hand and let them love me,if there prepared to have me with all my problems,but then heart over rules brain agin.i just hope that one of them will hang on for me ,and understand i carnt do nothin yet,may be one day,or may be one day the love of me life will return to me,as times passin by ,im gettin worse ,do i take the bull at the horns and go for it now,or just let my heart repair:smile:
Aw Ali you sound so sad and lonely, don`t think your on your own there are plenty of friends on the forum to talk to. From the first time i joined the forum you have cheered me up no end, you always come across so up beat even when your feeling so ill. You sound like you have had a really hard life and are a born survivor.

I`d say go for it girl, you can wait for ever for Mr right to turn up you only live once and you gotta take the bull by the horn!

Ray -your quite correct as a Hull girl living on the outskirts i`m much closer than you think!:laughing:

AB - I`d love to shop for you - the only problem is i can only shop on a good day and they are few & far in between!:rolling_eyes:

Big C

My belief is life is to short to have regrets, maybe allowing a space for your admirers and giving it a go will be the best decision you ever make you wont know unles you try.

Not saying its easy and I am a fine one to talk or so my friends would say but you deserve to be happy, we all do.

Bubble x :grin:
Hi Alij,

We haven't chatted for a while, sorry to hear you are feeling so low I hope you are feeling better now that you have had some good friends giving advice.You know what they say enjoy today and live for now, good luck.