REM sleep disorder

Hello Wag and All
I thought that having Rem Sleep Disorder could never have a benefit. When I was young I was employed at the local Falstaff Brewery. Worked there for 9years and 7 months till the company closed.
With most jobs one must start at the bottom and work your way up. You work the grave yard shift. (10pm to 6am). Those jobs are usually plant clean up. In the brewery to clean up was using caustic soda and steam hoses. The job sucked. But free ale was always there. Yes on the job.
Everyone in their life usually has a boss that is a (as—le). A boss that is impossible to please.
Last night was great. I got even! In this dream. I am not married with a family. Have no one to worry about but me.
It is morning getting to the end of shift. With hose in hand and doing the final cold water wash. Here comes Mr. AAAA. He has his expensive suit and white shirt with tie on.
Then it comes. No good morning. Looks clean good job done. The only thing out of his mouth is. This place looks like crap!
The good part about REM! You turn the hose off. You look him straight in the eye. Your wife wakes up go the other room where you now sleep. She heres you say to the boss. You can take this job and shove it where the sun never shines! You are arguing (cursing) You tell him i am turning the cold water back on. To do the FINAL CLEAN UP. The water from the house now soaks the dammed fancy suit and the boss. The water washes his unpleasant face. After you turn the hose off . You punch the clock and are finished with the bottom of the barrel job.
Rem Sleep Disorder does have a pleasing side. In my dreams. Tom

Good on you,I had a boss like thàt,when he had me in his office for a final warning he had a large cup of coffee on his open ledgers,he gave me my sacking ,then the coffee was poured all over his important ledgers and his head ,serves him right the snobby cow,I felt a lot better after that,bye.

LOL Wag !