Has anybody else hear that Renaissance has recieved a life time ban? I'm quite shocked about this and I for one will miss his banter. We are a large forum of many different personalities, surely we are able to accommodate each other. I for one have no idea why this ban has been implemented and if anybody can enlighten me I would appreciate it. Please will somebody pm me to let me know?

why on earth has this happened i thought we were here to suport people with problems not shove them aside, come on moderator whats goign on, i see that my post this morning was removed so I suppose this one will b/???????
I also miss renaissance, i thoroughly enjoyed his posts. I would love to know why he has been banned. It seems rather drastic.

Hi all

Without causing further anguish to anyone, if you bring back Renaissance (which I have no problem with), then I think only fair to bring back others such as Lukey and The Pokermid.
Just my opinion.
New moderator, new start perhaps?
Wishful thinking


PS: I truly believe these people have a lot to give, despite being argumentative and tempestous at times (aren't we all?) We all have our issues. Some people we get on with, some we dont..ho hum.
I didnt know that Lukey and Pokermind had been banned also. I think that this is far too authoritarian as we are supposed to be a supportive and open forum...or so I thought. Whatever happened to free speech. I for one am big enough (5ft) and ugly enough ( u shud c me) to argue my own corner and then agree to differ. computer has just realised ...all on it's own.....that I have a disablity. Its just aasked me if I wanted to turn on sticky keys...scary!!!!

Can we have a democratic show of hands? I would definitely vote for return of members on a yearly probation; i.e. if members complained about future postings, the offenders would be excluded till 2011.
Does anyone know the name of Emily's replacement please?
My hands up Mary..though I really dont know the name of Emily's replacement. Thinking about that subject though an introduction to the new moderator would have been nice wouldnt it?

I agree, people shouldn't be banned for life. If anything I feel it encourages people to use multiple names and causes confusion. Bring back pokermid and sid60.

And yes, an introduction to the new moderator would be nice!:smile:
yeah now pokers gone sid 60 gone and now rene, and even jd done a disapearing act,it not the same , the forum has got no umfff,:laughing:
I'm glad to see Cutiepie is of the same opinion as me ,seeing as my post was deleted yesterday
Hi All,
I agree with QT on this one. Not only should we be told the identity of the new moderator, but also the reason for such bans. And for good measure BRING BAck the POKERMID.