Requip issue

My father is on requip. However, he is always having stomach pain of it. To make it even worse, he is also complaining about a burning stomach. Today he really suffered because of that. Does anyone have had a similar experience ? Does anyone know what to do in order to avoid these problems ? He spreads the dose more over the day and takes the pills with food. He also drinks milk for the burning stomach but despite everything the problems are still there. I have no idea what other action he can take to avoid these issues. I started looking on the internet but I couldn't find anything.

I had the benefit of Requip (ropinirole) for a handful of years and never had any stomach problems. I'd suggest contacting a Parkinson's nurse specialist if you have one. Failing that you can arrange to speak to one of the nurses on the helpline team. 


Hi Mister X, I've just started taking Requip XL. I really did not want to suffer sickness problems. I take my tablets at 8am and eat a biscuit at 7.30am and drink a large glass of water with the tabs. It seems to be working but I still have two more weeks where the dose increases so my fingers are still crossed. I am beginning to feel some benefits - rigidity and slowness diminishing. Worth taking the tabs :-)