Restless leg

My wife, diagnosed last December, is facing up to life with PD and thankfully doing ok at present all things considered. It's the future that is worrying and knowing how quickly/slowly her condition will degenerate.

One irritation she has is that when relaxing in the evening her right leg gets what she describes as restless.

She has an exercise wheel and this helps alleviate the restlessness. Has anyone else got any other suggestions as to how to deal with or dare I say eradicate the problem
Hi Dave,

Is your wife on any medication? I have the restless leg problem as well. In fact it's my right leg and right arm. With me it's caused by 'Dyskinesia'. I find it's down to medication. I had permission from my specialist to tweek my meds as I see fit. But I agree with you I find that by simply raising my foot up and down on the floor it can calm things down a little.

I agree with Mick, it's more likely to be the medication. I was diagnosed 31/2yrs ago & have just recently been given more pills to deal with side effects or Dyskinesia, as Mick rightly said, which is mainly restless legs.Exercise or stretches used to help. Would be worth speaking to the Parkinson nurse specialist if you have one, or your doctor about reducing medication.