Revoked licence

hello all, been on the forum before but never is my story its a long one but wanted to get it up here as i am upagainst it with the DVLA...

so i had my licence revoked back in early april by the dvla but the whole thing began this time last year and now i have got to the point where simon hughes mp is involved and i may take legal action against DVLA for compensation and loss of earnings.

i am a 32 male with parkinsons self employed with my own buisness employing 2 other guys making furniture at my own premises, i live in kennington london and work just outside romford essex (22 mile commute 1 way)

i gained my licence last year and recieved the 2 part from DVLA last june, in august they asked for it back as they had put the incorrect coding onto it from that point forward i have found myself in a trap where i have sent in 5 D1 and PK1 forms and today still dont have a licence. when i was issued last june i provided the DVLA with all the correct information and my consultant answered the questionaire since then the DVLA have systematically mishandled, lost and even lied to me about my information, most recently claiming to have not recieved faxed copies of application forms (which i have transaction reports for) even saying today that sometimes the fax prints a "bit fuzzy" guess they have no ink!!

so it has literally turned into a farce the threat of my licence being revoked was at the bottom of a letter i last recieved from them asking yet again for another PK1 i have to say i ignored it as i was so pissed off but then only found out the status when trying to tax my van 2 months later, so no letter stating revoked status was ever sent out and id been driving for 2 months illegally

today i faxed emailed and posted yet another set of forms and my neurologist sent a letter confirming my ability to drive, i had a heated and long talk with the robots at DVLA who seem to have lost all common sense they confirmed they have the consultant letter but would not read it to me, they also said that they did not ask for my licence i surrendered it which is a lie

i have accused them of discrimination, as an abled body person you apply for (for instance) your first licence and once the DVLA acknowledge reciept of you forms you so are free to drive, yet as a disabled person you can wait up to 90 days, yet they have valid information so i believe thats 2 rules for 2 people illegal!!??

the DVLA seem to think that a disability means you are pobably just hanging around at home not up to much and dont mind waiting for them to decide, well i dont have time to wait for them and once they confirm they have onfile a D1/PK1/conformation from my consultant... then i am driving agin as any able bodied person would

as if having parkinsons at 32 was not enough and trying to run my own buisness, the DVLA have been a joke from start to finish and have placed me under sevre financial pressure and emotional stress, i had to buy another van for one of my guys to drive me around in and have been cycling to work at other times (just done 4 days in a row

what do people think about this!!??

Hi sac.pc1,
welcome to the forum,you will find lots of pwp willing to support,advise and be here for you.even in the middle of the night.
your predicterment of have your licence revoked and the way it it was/still is be handled is shocking and very unnessary.
im on a 3 year medical driving licence for another medical condition which is up for review next year,so expecting a difficult time.
hope everything will get sorted out for you pretty quickly and and how stressful its been for you,you really could do without on the forum again soon
take care
Hi, welcome.

Such cases are, unfortunately, not rare. The DVLA is not only totally incompetent but also ALWAYS sticks to the golden rule "if something's gone wrong it's the customer's fault". I believe this is enshrined in the British constitution.

Given that many DVLA jobs are now under threat as well, I'm sure a resolution to your saga cannot reasonably be expected before the end of 2012, and even then the decision is unlikely to be in your favour.

It may help if, whilst waiting, you learn to speak and write Welsh, and resubmit all of your paperwork in that wonderful tongue. Moving to Mountain Ash or Ffos Las might be a good idea too.

IMHO these are your best options:

1. Public transport to work and subcontract a van and driver;
2. Horse and cart;
3 post edited
4. Sell business and retire;
5. Move your business to Kennington, with all the staff;
6. Move yourself & family to Romford and become an Essex Boy;
7. Do nowt till 18 Aug when the Oval Test starts; get a good seat & get drunk;
8. post edited
3. Go to work for the DVLA;
8. Leave the country & join Lord Lucan.
thanks ray

ill add to that list

11. told the dvla to take a jump today and seeked some legal advice,,,,

it seems as an abled bodied person you can drive when the dvla confirm they have recieved your forms+any relevants.... so i have confirmed with the dvla that they have all my docs and that i consider myself fit to drive...point being they ask you to annouce any medical problems which i did so they sould take it in good faith that you can drive which i can with no mods

so dvla stance is 90 days on medical application and 0 on able bodied iv told them thats discrimination and that i am not able to accept the schedule,, 90 days is nuts!!

so picked up a motability car yesterday had the dealer deliver it to me, no problems there, and then phoned both dvla and motability to say i would be driving it straight away and if they had a problem to call the police. (sorn my van in the mean time)

i live in south london so guess my case will be low on the scotland yard list of to=do's especially this week.