Risk feeding


Hi Claire
I hope you are coping as well as possible your still in our thoughts and I hope Francesco read’s his email soon because I think his situation is close to your own and he’ll be closer to your age therefore understanding you better than us old fogies LOL
Stay strong .
Tie yourself to the mast my friend and the storm will end
Tommy X


Awww Tommy you make me smile :slight_smile: I smiled today after speaking to the nurse on the phone the feeding tube had come out but they had done a x Ray and it was going to his tummy not his lungs that to me is amazing… I’ve not been for a few days as my daughter was poorly but I will be back by his side my mum did his nails today hope your okay Tommy big hugs xx


Hi Claire thank you for your update, Peter was asking for you on the insomnia thread and will be glad you have posted .
Sounds like better news I hope for a good outcome like you do .
Strength in numbers my friend
Tommy and Peter x


Hi been in my thoughts all day hopefully things keep going well am here along with Tommy if you want to talk about anything all my best wishes for your dad and family


Dear Claire,
I’m sorry to hear about the poor health of your dad.
The news about the x-ray outcome is very positive, I hope your dad is getting better now.
Be strong! Communication with medical staff can sometimes be challenging, but great to hear the nurses are keeping you informed and there is positive progress.
I’d like to apologise for having seen your post this late.
Pete and Tommy had also tried to get in touch on PM. Thanks Pete and Tommy!
I’ll contact you on PM.
Best wishes,


Hi Claire
Hope this post finds you and your family as well as can be expected.
I also hope that the reply from our friend Francesco was of some assistance and comfort to you and you can build a friendship with Francesco because he’s a true gentleman.
XX Tommy


Hi carebear 3
Haven’t heard from you for a while . I hope things are improving for your dad and your family.
You are always in our thoughts
Tommy, Peter and Francesco


Hi carebear 3
Have you been in touch with Francesco ?
Please update me and Peter when you get the chance or if it is too difficult for you ask Francesco to do it for you.
You and your family are still very much in our thoughts
Tommy & Peter x


Hey carebear 3
Where have you gone?
Just thought I’d let you know you’re not forgotten.
Tommy X :pill:


Hello Tommy Peter and Francesco
All your wonderful messages made me cry well where do i start as you no my dad was admitted on the 5th Oct and is still in there on the 3rd week they thought he was dying but he proved them wrong he kept fighting but they took everything away for a week… We than met with the 2 docs salt team hope said even though my dad was sleepy he had shown signs of improvement so they put the feeding tube back in he has put on 3kgs of weight but it will never be muscle… We had another meeting 2 weeks tomorrow where Dr batty and her team said they where going to look at if my dad could have a rig or peg… But today Thursday 6th Dec a junior doctor shut the curtains around us and said he had only met my dad today and he thought the peg or rig wouldn’t be right but my dad is trying to smile I feel there has been improvement he saw my mum today and he cried and put his arms up he started crying so how can they be cruel once again… I will fight for him maybe I’m been cruel wanting to keep him but while there is still of a part of him there when I mention his 5 grandchild he trys to smile but his little cheeks have lost there power but he still tries please can you help me advise me how I fight my mum is sobbing I’m not letting him go if he had wanted to die he would of gone in that 3rd week… Of course I don’t want the rig or peg to hurt him but surely if his body is saying help me I’m going too
I’m still crying as I write this so sorry not been in touch just not been very well with vertigo but really hope your okay Tommy and Peter big Big hugs xxx


Hi carebear 3
Dearest Claire firstly I’m sorry that you have been ill and I put you first for one reason.
Unfortunately you are the one who needs your strength at this time .
As you know what your dad is clearly doing .
He is fighting in the only way he can by giving you the signs
Knowing that you will find a way to fight for him.
I believe you he does not want to give up as he has very clearly proved.
You ask for advice which given your latest update.
I would say YOU FIGHT GIRL.
Because he has chosen you to be his voice .
He knows you understand the signs he is giving you.
Therefore in this situation you cannot be a head nodder to some junior doctor who has been delegated to attempt to change your course .
And you are certainly not being cruel and anyone who has planted that seed does not know you or your dad.
Your conscience must be clear whatever the outcome as you have to live with it they don’t
Claire tell them straight even if it means that they think you are just wrong .
Tell them you want to see his doctor not a delegate sent by faceless managers who could use another bed for the winter.
If that sounds cheeky it’s meant to.
Do not let them branding you hysterical put you off .
Finding the gumption to fight for what you believe is not cruel you’ve saw the signs.
So there it is Claire.
It’s up to you now.
All of us are thinking of you
Tommy X X X


Hi Claire all I would say is be true to your heart and fight for what you believe is right my circumstances were different as my father had told us he had enough and was tired of fighting all I would urge is while there is hope you must keep going but and I know this is hard there may come a time when you may have to think again so remember you have done your best and have no regrets it is you and your family who decide your dad’s treatment stay strong and remember your not alone we are always here I would having been through similar times tell you to look after your own health as it easy to forget about yourself take care and please keep in touch


Hi @Carebear3,

This is truly heartbreaking and my thoughts go out to you and your family. I see you’ve already received some caring advise from some of our members, however, please give our helpline a call so you can speak to one of advisers about this. They’ll be able to offer you a lot more support on this.

I’ll also flag your comment above to them so they can prepare any information that may be helpful to you before you call them.

Please continue to keep us posted on this.

Best wishes,


Dear Claire,
Peter and Tommy are true friends, their words of support are precious.

The doctors can see your dad’s body, but you and your mum are the best to see and understand his mind and feelings, so speak for him and give him all the love he needs.

I hope the Parkinson’s UK helpline can help you with more specific advice on how to address the doctors and nurses.

We’re all thinking of you. Be strong and keep in touch when you can.
A big hug,


Hi Francesco
Hope you and your family are well .
And thank you for your reply to Claire.
You have justified Peter and I .
Putting our trust and faith in your character.

I sincerely hope that this first Christmas without your dad being present is not traumatic for you and your family.

If he is in your thoughts then he is still with you and always will be.

Tommy :pill:


Hi Francesco thanks for getting in touch with Claire like Tommy I had no doubt that you would I know that this time of year is about family and I know exactly what you are all going through but remember that your dad wouldn’t want you all to be sad like mine wouldn’t so I hope you will be together and like mam and I intend to do raise a glass to his memory and think of all good times you shared in case I don’t get another chance I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year you are a true friend
Pete and Tommy