Ropinirole & sinimet?


Hi has anyone ever taken Ropinirole with Sinimet, I am just going to start taking Sinimet to run alongside my Ropinirole, wondered if you have, did the mixture of taking both together (which I have been informed to do) cause an y disturbing side effects

Thanks in advance - Sheila

Hi Sheila,

It might help to have a chat one of our Nurses about possible side effects? If you give the Helpline a call they can get a Nurse to call you back, which might help put your mind at rest?

Take care,

Joanne - Digital team. 

Hi Sheila I take Madopar 10 x 62.5 mg which is Levadopa and Ropinirole 6 mg x 1 slow release I understand it Sinimet is also Levadopa.

I have not had any issues with the two of them in fact I asked to come of the patch to go on to Ropinirole because the stupid patch caused me itchy skin all the time.

Hope this helps. 


BB xx


Bb I was looking at your meds 10 × 62.5mg sinemet may ask what times you take you remind me of myself are very sensitive to them .

I've been on both for past 2 years with no problems  x

Hi Gus I'm not on Sinimet I take Madopar I know they are both L-dopa.

Because I sleep really badly I don't wake up to take my meds I take them when I wake up naturally so for instance today woke up at 5am stayed in bed trying to get back to sleep till 6.30 failed so took first dosage then and they are Madopar dispersible x 3 @ 62.5 mg 1 x entacapone @ 200 mg  2 tablets of Ropinirole to make dosage up to 6 mg so 1 x 2 mg and 1 x 4 mg ( they do not do a 6 mg pill ) 1 x trihexyphenidyl @ 2 mg and the latest addition 1 x Amantadine @ 100 mg.

Then I time the next dosage from there by exactly 4 hrs so again to day at 10,30, 2.30, and 6.20.

With the Madopar they are taken as a 3 x 2 per day and a 2 x 2 per day.

About an hour later I eat then and take the other 20 for my blood pressure and everything else.

This seems to work well for me at moment as in the last three weeks I have only had 3 distonia attacks.

And my tremor has never been so well under control.


BB x 

Hopefully it will get a lot better when you have dbs my meds were halved all the best gus


Thanks for replies everyone.

I've just been prescribed  Ropinirole (18mg) alongside  the Sinimet taken 1 per day for the first week, 2 per day for the second week, and 3 per day for the third week. I have also been prescribed 1 asprin per day.

I feel quite happy with the help I've being given, and the confidence I've been given in trying them out.

Joanne, thank you for your advice also, if I have any second thoughts or advice I will certainly consultant the nurses.






Bb Do you suffer from dyskinesa at all with distonia


I take 16 mg of  Requip XL. And

 and Sinemet25/100 plus. 7 a day

i have been on this dosage for a while

I have been offered Spinal cord stimulation -neurostimulation for chronic pain due to CRPS

Does anyone have experience of this please?



I do but that has only started in the last 4 or 5 months or so.

I take the Amantadine for that starting off at 100 mg x 1 pill now up to 2 same dosage.