Update. My wife has settled on a dose of 8mg which seems to be having the desired effect so far with no side effects evident. She has now though as a consequence of moving from heels to flats for comfort walking damaged her Achilles tendons and is finding that really painful. GPS advice is a series of exercises plus rest which seems somewhat contradictory.



Hi Orkney

PLEASE read all the info on impulse control disorders and your drug.

1 in 4. suffer these side effects often leading to loss of relationships and finances.

Reduction of the drug will help but in our experience only withdrawal and replacement with other drugs will end it.

Take advice and care.




I recognise the symptoms you are describing from my own experience with ropinirole. Obviously you should only change your meds doseage and timing with advice from your neuro and/or Parkinson's nurse specialist. If your experience is like mine you will be amazed by the way your thinking changes as you reduce the dose of ropinirole. I hope it goes well for you, please keep posting


Good to know your wife is ok so far with ropinirole. Its still worth staying watchful. 



In my experience , most Parkinsons drugs take time to work effectively .  I ended up with a combination of meds including 16mg of ropinirole daily . The benefits are  there but in the early stages my behaviour was questionable to say the least.

I used to go to auctions and my objective was to outbid everyone else no matter what . This came to light when I stuck my hand up for a picture for £1000 that I did not want .  Everyone else looked at me amazed and no one else made a bid against me .

I made all sorts  of excuses like  I would make a profit selling it on , or it would do as a family present . I used to be very careful with money but I do not go to auctions now since my actions came to light .

However I do go to car boot sales and if I see something I want  - or think that I want - I buy it regardless of price .   Not usually in the thousands of pounds though , so my losses are smaller .

I just know I have done the wrong thing but somehow I go back for more each week . I can only blame the meds .  But they do improve my day so I am reluctant to change . 

On the plus side I have made the odd good profit from compulsive buys , but not very often . Similar to gambling I suppose .

Agree with what has been said , try it but monitor it .