Seeking case study for article on Parkinson’s carers who have taken a break from their caring duties

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The magazine team at Parkinson’s UK are seeking to speak to someone who is caring for someone/has cared for someone with Parkinson’s, and has taken a break from their caring duties (also known as a “respite” break), as part of an article they’re producing for the spring/summer issue of The Parkinson. The feature will provide information and advice to people on taking a break when you’re a carer (be it a few hours, days or weeks), alongside a case study who has experience in this area. We would like to ask the case study how they went about arranging a respite break, and any tips they can offer to people who are in a similar position.

The information within this article will build upon the charity’s Looking after yourself when you’re a carer webpage.

As the magazine will be finalised in early February, we’re hoping to speak to someone before the 20th January. We’re happy to send over some questions by email, or can arrange a video/phone call, depending on your preference.

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