Selegiline plus low dose naltrexone

Hello!! does anyone have accurate info on this combination of meds (selegiline and low dose naltrexone? are there interactions, do they collide in any way, or is it ok?
thank you!!!


if you follow the above link, it will take you to where you can enter all your drugs and check for interactions.

I have been on rasalgine, azilect, for two and a half years and started taking LDN one and a half years ago. I don't know if they helped but my PD is progressing slowly so I guess they might have done. However two months ago I started having aweful nightmares so I stopped LDN and they went away. LDN had given me vivid dreams until then but the nightmares frightened me and now I don't know wether to start taking LDN again. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thank you for any advice. Roman