I am newly diagnosed following a DAT scan in july. I am 50 and have been prescribed 5mg of selegeline for 2 wks followed by 10mg daily thereafter. I do like a glass of wine now and again but info leaflet says avoid alcohol, do I now have to turn tea total! Any ideas anyone? Thanks
Hi Ali, I was on Selegiline (Zelapar 1.25mg a day) for a few years and I used to drink with them, if in doubt ask your GP or Pharmacist.

Take care!
Hi Ali P and welcome to the forum.

I am on Selegiline 5mg (amongst others) which will also be increased to 10mg in the next few weeks. I have never stopped drinking wine with my evening meal since I was dx 2 years ago and seem none the worse for it. My GP, Neuro and PD Nurse are all aware that I have wine and none have ever told me that I should stop. I fully intend to carry on enjoying my glass of wine (or two) and live life as normally as I can.

Good luck and enjoy
Thank you both for replies.
It is common for PWPs to continue to drink alcohol, even though more for than one of the PD drugs the advice is to avoid alcohol. After all it would mean never having a drink again. However, be careful and moderate, maybe some drinks might affect you more than others. I found my taste for alcohol severely diminished once I started on the drugs.
Thanks Kate. I