Shaking in Throat and Neck

Hi, diagnosed 18 months ago and just taking Madopar. Developed a weird shaking in throat and neck which I wondered if was related to PD. My Consultant seems to think not and advised me to suck on peppermints and says the PD is very mild. Dentist thinks it is a muscle in mouth and not to worry. However, it is hard to ignore it as goes on for several hours a day! Has anyone had anything like this/ xxx



I was diagnosed about 18months ago with mild PD too. I take sinemet which works well for me.

I don't have symptoms like yours but amongst a range of other symptoms I do have an interesting variety of shakes in different parts of my body. They come and go and are not always visible. Sometimes I can lessen them by relaxation techniques or by distracting myself with a task or puzzle. It doesn't always work though. But then at least my shakes come and go so at least they're not permanent yet.

It seems that there's a huge range of symptoms in PD. Daffy

Thanks Daffy. I know its not a  serious problem but I can actually see my neck shaking . I meditate and use mindfulness but nothing relaxes it. I will have to see what the hospital say when I go, could be anything I suppose! xx