Side effects of some drugs

Now I am off sick for the first time pertaining to PD I'm taking pramipexole, L-dopa & Selegiline & it appears the Selegiline has given me some very odd side effects. Apart from this raging tinunittus giving me three different sounds in my head to contend with white noise in right ear & a pounding & my heart beating in my left ear, I now have vertigo as well. I can feel my veins & heart pulsating and the noise is driving me to distraction. I only hope coming off the Seligiline will work because I don't know how much more I can take.

Going potty.



Hi bettyblue

I just took a glance at some of the most common side effects listed in our Drug treatments booklet. I didn't see this listed but that does not mean it's not related. 

Do give a ring to our helpline and ask to speak to one of the nurses. The helpline is open until 8 this evening and 2pm on Saturday.

That said, this sounds really awful. It might be worth calling your GP surgery ASAP.

I hope this helps.