Sinemet or D A ....?

Am 57 years,  was diagnosed three years ago and have been on dopamine agonist for all that time. My neurologist has asked if I would like to go on to the sinemet.  I am nervous of doing this because of  dyskinesia that can result..... What are others experience of  taking the levedopa

I am 58 and have been taking Sinemet for 16 years.  I have also taken dopamine agonists.  Out of the two, I'd much rather take just Sinemet.  The dopamine agonists have caused me a great deal of trouble.  To me, Sinemet is a good friend.  I fidget a bit, but I am okay with it.


I see very few people with dyskinesia at support groups meetings nowadays. I started on a DA, two years after diagnosis (Oct. 1999),  but eventually like everybody else, I was advised and wanted to go on Sinemet and have taken that now for 10+ years., no dyskinesia yet. I think careful  (go "low". go "slow") and only adding small increases over the years could be a factor., so could individuals' different sensitivity to levodopa, of course.

. I agree with Peter and find that there are fewer side effects with Sinemet. They are now my favorite pills, could not function without them.

Agree with Kate and Peter, Sinemet has given me the fewest side effects although I also take 1x 8mg RequipXL. Best of both for me. A larger dose of Requip XL (14mg) seemed to give me brief hallucinations which stopped once the Sinemet was increased and the Requip XL reduced.

Thanks for the info about Sinemet.  I was diagnosed with PD this week and my consultant prescribed Sinemet.  Having read the possible side effects I was very dubious about taking it but your comments have put my mind at rest.