Sinemet Plus

Hi, I've been contacted by a few people who take Sinemet Plus saying that they've noticed a change in their tablets. They've reported that they're prone to crumbling when they try and get them out of the blister packaging and this has been happening for about 6 months. I just want to try and get a sense of whether this is a wider issue, so it would be great if people could share their experience of Sinemet Plus and whether you've noticed any changes in the tablets. I'm hoping to raise any issues with the manufacturer in early September. Thanks very much Laura


hi ,laura

                 they have been like this for a long time i think its old stock coming to end as they changed from oval tablet to a round one this was a year or two now  its the 125mg ,i think  alot of the time is the blister pack as they put a sticker down back of tablets ,when you pop tablet out breaks in half,they changed 125mg to round tablet to stop people breaking them in half as they say its not a accurate amount ,you should take 62.5mg tablets these pop out ok ! 


My latest prescription for Sinemet can be hard to get out without breaking.  I have to be very careful not to loose a bit.


Yes this happens to me a lot.That is using the oval one, just halves in two.


Hi Laura.

Yes-it happens with my Sinamet Plus as well.


I've been on the same tablets for many years and the latest seem to be the  worst

Funnily enough I was in Wales for a few days-forgot my meds and got some at the local Phamacy in Ystrad Minas -and they were a different type-and seemed more solid.




Hi I agree with gus ,they put a sticker down the middle of the pack and that makes it hard to get tablet out. Tend to always get the round tablets but last prescription filled was half and half . The oval ones are difficult as break as take out of package



Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences of Sinemet Plus with me, it's really helpful.

I'm going to speak with the people who originally raised the issue with me and make contact with the manufacturer. If I get anything helpful back I'll share it with you.

Thanks again and hope you have a good day



cheers laura , the 62.5mg break in half when popping out as well ! do you think company could put in pots like the americans have ! you would think they would make easy for people who suffer pd


Thanks for sharing that Gus, I'll share this with the company and make a case for them changing their stock, I'll report back.

Take care




I had briefly generic sinemet + in a pot, it looked like no body had cared how they had made it, the pills looked rough and stuck to my tongue, there was dust inside the pot from the pills? i presume, the outside of the pot the ink was smudged, the leaflet was smudged, the product itself was inferior too the lower dosed branded sinemet, I could tell the difference straight away, I wouldnt of given it too someone i hated, i refused it.

I moved on to Madopar.


keep away from them programme channel 5 tues i think prescription selling black market bigger than herion and cocaine 



They wernt black market they were cheap rubbish the gp was trying to palm me off with.


I have the same problem but with ordinary Sinemet, not Sinemet Plus.The pills often break in half when I'm getting them out of the blister.