Sinemet shortage status

Hi Reah, thank you for your response to the Sinimet shortage, as of June 9th Boots the chemist could not source any of the 12.5/50mg of Sinimet I was prescribed, however my Neurologist has now, due to the shortage, prescribed for me Sinimet plus 24/100mg - these I was able to get almost immediately from Boots chemist. I must admit I was becoming quite concerned, but I am now relieved!

sheffy :grinning::grinning:

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Hi @sheffy,

You’re welcome and I’m glad you’re now feeling relieved (as you should! :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Hi Reah
Is there any further news on 12.5/50mg Sinemet?

I am finding the generic 25/100mg substitute less effective and am having all sorts of side effects so am looking foward to the taking the 12.5/50s again (I take 2x 12.5/50mg 5 times per day). If I know it is back on the shelves I can get the correct prescription from my GP.
Many thanks


Hi @Marigold,

So sorry to hear that you’re still suffering the consequences of the Sinemet issue. All products are back in stock, however Sinemet 50mg/12.5mg will be subject to intermittent supply until mid-July.

Please see this web story here, for more info and feel free to contact our helpline team for more support on this.

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Went to collect husbands prescription this morning , he is on Sinemet plus 25mg/100 three times a day. Three chemists in Perth were unable to supply this and couldn’t give any idea of supply date. Eventually phoned a pharmacy who uses a different supplier, and they were able to supply the generic version, hopefully they will be satisfactory. Why are we being told that the supply problem is over when it obviously is not?

Be careful about using generic sinemet. My GP advised that Parkinson’s is one of the few diseases whose treatment can be adversely effected by using generic rather than branded. I can confirm this as my husband was badly effected. The generic did not last nearly as long as the branded sinemet.

That is what I am concerned about, husband has 6 days of usual prescription left before having to start on the generic supply but due to see Parkinsons nurse in two weeks so will be able to ask her advice if any problems with it.

Hi @madoch2002 and @T5

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We spoke with MSD late last week and they informed us that there will be intermittent supply issues with 2 Sinemet products (Sinemet 12.5mg/50mg 9x10 tablets and Sinemet Plus 25mg/100mg 10x10 tablets) until September. They have stated this is a precautionary measure as they’re trying to get more stock into the market to fulfil the demand. However there may be times when pharmacists cannot access Sinemet stock. We have more information on this via our website here -

madoch2002, I’m really sorry that this has affected your husband, I know this is far from ideal, however, for more information and support on this, you can give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi Rea,
Thanks for the latest update.
This is really disappointing especially as I had been optimistic after the last update and put in a prescription request for Sinemet 12.5/50mg. Looks like I’ll have to chase up some sort of alternative again and then pester the GP for yet another prescription. If it goes on until the end of September/October it will be almost a year since I had to start searching for medication. It would be nice not to have to worry about it every month!

Hi @Marigold,

I completely empathise with you and I’m so sorry that you are having to go through this. Hopefully, the tablets will be available again in September, until then, I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

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Hi Marigold

I got my prescription back and tried different chemists until I found one who had a supply. Bit
tedious but worth trying.

Hi @valerie

I was lucky this week as my local pharmacy had had a delivery so I was able to pick up this month’s prescription of 12.5/50 mg. What a relief! Fingers crossed for next month.


Hi Marigold, glad to hear you have got your Sinemet. Yesterday I got the unwelcomed news again that my pharmacy can’t get my 12.5/50 Sinemet. Thankfully they can get my Sinemet CR 50 / 200, my GP is sorting a prescription for Madopar but I don’t find that as effective. It is such a lottery at the moment one month they have it the next they don’t. Good do without the stress of this. Working with Madopar seems to make me tired and suffer with more fatigue, hopefully they will continue to be understanding, though I don’t know for how much longer that will be the case :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Hi everyone, I can’t really understand why there is a shortage of any drugs for people with Parkinson or any other long term illness for that matter, where does the blame lie, who is in charge of the control of drugs coming into the country. I had trouble getting Sinimet 12.5/50mg and in the end I was put on Sinimet plus which is 25/100mg, problems at first but settled now. Was taking 6 a day of 12.5/50mg I only take 3 a day of the 25/100mg. As for the generic meds, I for one cannot tolerate taking them, they are meant to be the same but they are not for me.

Good hunting for the meds you all rely on for this dreadful disease, it’s a sign of the times as far as I’m concerned!


I’m due to order my next month’s supply tomorrow so hope my pharmacy will be able to find some 12.5/50 Sinemet for me. It has been so nice to be back on my proper drug regime for the last couple of weeks! The generic drugs don’t work for me. Only being able to order 28 days’ supply at a time doesn’t allow to keep a reserve in case there is no stock.
My main concern is I don’t know what would happen if I had to go ‘cold turkey’. I was so stiff when I started taking Sinemet and now use both my arms and hands and can even type it would be really scarey to go back to being frozen.
Hope everyone gets some meds!

MHD who produce Sinemet has ceased production of Sinemet

although Parkinsons UK surest it has moved operations to Italy

Who to believe. Perhaps Admin can clarify as my wife has been having similar problems getting hold of it. Her Parkinsons nurse suggest using a generic alternative - Co-careldopa

Can Admin help please.

There is so much confusion surrounding Sinemet When my wife told her Parkinsons nurse of the problems she was completely in the dark.

Parkinsons UK need to be raising the profile of this issue and producing a definitive statement on whats going on as well as lobbying government to put pressure on drugs companies.

Problem is apparently worldwide but a lot of people in the UK having difficulties

Hi davech,

Thanks for getting in touch with your questions. I’ll pass them over to the team who will take a look tomorrow and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi @davech,

Welcome back to the forum. I can understand your frustration with the Sinemet shortage and I’m truly sorry that you r wife has been affected by this. We continue to receive regular updates from the company that manufactures Sinemet, letting us know about the supply issues and action they’re taking to ensure Sinemet is available for people with Parkinson’s across the UK. We will continue to share further updates on Sinemet availability as we receive them. You can find the latest update on the Sinement shortage on our website here -

Our helpline is here to provide more information and support on this matter so feel free to contact us on 0808 800 0303.

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Got my 12.5/50 yesterday from my chemist and hopefully this a good thing as I haven’t really been myself on the alternative. Hopefully supplies will pick up. I spoke with my MP who has raised issue with S of S for health just waiting on a response from him.