My husband has finally agreed to start the prescribed dose of sinemet,after losing most of his independence.
He has problems swallowing tablets.
Any tips?
Hi Classic FM (one of my favourite radio stations I must add !!)
I too have gtrouble swallowing pills. I take my Sinemet crushed into a spoon of yoghurt or with half a glass of squash. The yoghurt makes it easier to swallow and the sharpness/sugaryness of the squash produces more saliva/. Hope this hel;s
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Hello to you all, I wanted to ask, although only been taking Sinemet for a week my OH gets quite nauseous the past couple of days, is it possible that rennies or antacids may help? he has a tablet at 9am then 3pm then 9pm he usually feels quite sick around 5.30pm same for 3 days. Also could this mean he is likely to have side effects? or could this wear off? We have not really had any guidance regards taking sinemet, only on the box it says take between 1-4 a day, when we asked the dispenser at our GP surgery, she said just take one the first day and again the next day and see how you feel than start taking 2 a day for a few days, so he has only had 3 a day for about 4 days, will be so glad when we see the Neuro who we hope will set us straight with what to take and when. Any advice would be welcome, hope you have a restful night, sleep tight, love Hols xxxx
My husband is on Sinemet Plus now but previously was on a lower dose. We were told that initially the dose is low because some people suffer unpleasant side effects and it is best to check that out before going on to the full dose.
You don`t say what timing you have for the doses. We tried different ones and we think 7 & 10.30am; 2 & 5.30pm work best for my husband. Perhaps your husband will find his symptoms are better controlled by a change in timing.
Hope you soon see the consultant and get your anxieties put to rest.
Good luck
Interestingly, after gradually having my sinemet doses increased over the last 13 years, my "experts" have now started to DECREASE them.
This decision was made by hospital neuros, who overruled what my normal consultant was doing!
The gloves are off.....
This is very interesting for me . My husband was started on Sinemet about 5 years ago on the lowest xx 3/4 daily along with the Sinemet cr 250 at bedtime . They eventually raise it to SINEMET PLUS He also wears a 6mg NEURO PATCH .

I can't say they have been a very big help to him but of course it is a progressing condition I noticed that it seemed after taking the Sinemet he would nod/switch off until he became like this most of the day . They kept telling me he was doing ok .?????

I then asked if we could reduce a the Sinemet , he is now on the Sinemet 110 . He seems more alert and his legs /feet are not nearly as swollen . He is hopefully having a knees op on Wednesday and after that I might have an even better picture of how much or not he is improving ... He has never been troubled by sickness with the meds fortunately
surely not, it can't be .... but it is! I am only slightly less surprised than Mrs Lazarus was as she was about to post the insurance form. Welcome back!
I would discuss with your doctor if you could have some domperidone tablets as these are very good for sickness, my husband uses them and I found them very good for migraine sickness.

I wish your husband all the very best with his operation Jonnie

best wishes vivian
Thanks all for your advice, will speak with the Neuro next week, I'll keep u posted, hope you all have a nice evening love hols x