Skin Patches

Hello Everyone, My wife has been told that in all likelihood she will be started on Ropinirole tablets of 250mcg tds which will be gradually increased by a similar amount each week until she is eventually on a dosage in the region of 3mg tds. As she is currently experiencing great difficulty in swallowing tablets, and is somewhat intimidated by the bleak prospect of the potential side effects, does anyone know if there is a similar regime available in skin patches and are the side effects likely to be less intimidating? Best Regards, Cowboy101.
How cowboy

I am on neupro patches for my parkinson's after a year of tablets that made me feel awful. including ropinerole and Mirapexin.

I am on a 6mg patch, slow release, slight nausea but ok with Domperidone (fantastic stuff) so far so good.

Everyone is different though, some people are fine on the tablets, it is very much a suck it and see.

Good luck