Sleep and bad day prediction

Does anyone get this…
On very rare occasions i sleep through 9/10/11 hours at night everytime this happens i have a bad day symptom wise … i don’t understand why this happens as i usually get 4/6 hours every night so you would think getting extra sleep would make you feel a bit better for the day, but this isnt the case! I know if ive slept a lot longer not to expect my head to work that day along with my body…i have tried to function on these days but it just dosnt happen. Thoughts anyone please???

Hi Jayelaye75 I find it the other way around some nights i just do not sleep and i am up most of the night but then during the day i find that i very tired so i will just lay down and have a nap. When I do have a good nights sleep i go though the day with not a problem.
The thing that i do find if I have a sleepness night i quite easily loose my temper;
So try and work with the condition and not against it.

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