Sleep patterns

I usually have no trouble going to sleep. I start to get ready for bed at ten pm, news on the radio, turn it off and snoring within minutes. If anything delays me as it did this evening and it has gone 10.30 before I get into bed then I cannot sleep!
I've started on the baking now and might sleep later, around 3, which is often the time I wake up for the day.

Anybody else have this type of problem? Any solutions that work?
Hello Mosie, Yes I have that problem but not the parkinsons. Ayurvedic medicine says that one needs to get to bed around 9.30pm and so can be asleep by 10 and that if you go past 10 say 10.30 like you say you may have problems getting off to sleep.
According to them this is all to do with the body clock. They say something like 6 until 10 is Kapha time where you are setting what the body is going to do for the next part of the day , so if its night time , this is time to get off to sleep before 10pm and if its day this is the time to get up and get moving by 6 am.
They say that 10 until 2 is Pitta time where the body is most active, restless etc so its good to eat then because digestion is working ie during the day between 10 and 2 , but at night should be asleep
The other times 2 until 6 they call Vata time where the body wants to lie down and be asleep, but this can become wrong if one spends the whole of this time resting but fits in with afternoon naps and falling asleep in early hours of the morning.

Well this can be well contradicted but I do have to say that obeying their rules of being asleep before 10pm and keeping moving between 6am and 10am do seem to make me feel better

love Sunray
Thanks Sunray

I can see that the tradition you describe fits with body clock ideas, but my problems started with taking parkies meds, and I must either sleep early or my mind is racing.
Hello mosie

I also get ready for my bed at 10ish or later. Fall off to sleep straight away. Then am awake at toss and turn fall asleep then up again at 6 am. Think my sleep pattern is taking it's toil on me. I would love to be able to sleep 8 hours undisturbed. BLISS!!

My brain will not switch off , must be the meds I guess.

Love PB x
Snap with the sleeping pattern. Mainly meds to blame. In France I was prescribed 2 packets of a mild tranquilliser for the day as my DA made me anxious when I started to take it. I found I didnt need it much and I had a stock left over so if I am having a really bad night I take half a tablet and it really helps.(Seresta). I get some quality sleep and wake up with PD symptoms not so bad. When my small stock is finished I am going to ask GP for more and I think she will give them as they are more relaxed about prescribing here. Of course, I dont want to abuse it, but it is good occasionally, eg when I have alot to do the next day. Otherwise I dip into a book and doze on and off. Am so glad when its 7 and I can get up for tea and toast.
Since I started takind pd meds some 3 years ago,, I don't thimk that I have had more than 3 hours sleep/night. It matters not what time I go to bed, & I do not "nap" during the day. I have got used to being told how tired I look. I am prescribed diazepam, but as a muscle relaxant for dystonia/dyskinesia rather than as a sleep aid.
It would seem that either my pd or my pd meds are playing havoc with my Ayurvedic body clock!
For a very long time I suffered from PD induced insomnia. My nuero prescribed Madopar CR (controlled release) backed up with a 37.5mg 'Zopiclone' sleeping tablet as well as the usual Stalevo. I took both just before I settled for the night and on a good night I was going form 22:30 to 05:00, which was enough although not plenty.

Since DBS I sleep like a baby, usually 8 or 9 hours, no problems with giving up the sleeping tablet, I just stopped taking them after switch on with no side effects at all.

It may be worth a try,