Hello all? Im new to this but does anyone have any tips to improve sleeping:laughing:
Hi muppet, nice to meet you, sorry to hear of your loss of sleep. May I suggest the following which is based on my intuition. When we sleep we switch off our minds, we breath slower, our heart rate is slower and we relax all our muscles, and we need to be warm and feel safe and secure. So, my suggestion is as follows :-
Hop into bed having done everything ( brushed teeth etc ) so that you won't have to get up again. Switch off the main light and use the bed-side one only, you must not have to get up again ( 'cos getting up again cools the body down and speeds up the heart rate & breathing rate too = makes you wide awake again ). Read something that's light hearted and fun, possibly a bit boring too, 'cos that'll make you sleepy. Consciously try to imagine you're going into hibernation like a bear in winter ! breath a bit slower, relax your muscles, force yourselve to focus your mind on the book ( refuse to think of any worries, or things you have to sort out ) read for about 30 minutes, you & your bed will be warm, and when you switch off the light don't make big swift movements, make minimal movements in a slow fashion ( keep the heart rate slow. When you close your eyes, think of being on a nice tropical island beach, and believe that you are in fact there, try to slow your breathing and make all your muscles limp..... and have a nice sleep.

Hope that works for you. Bye for now, Frank.
Thankyou ever so much will try tonight:smile:thankyou again x:smile:
Muppet, Did my suggestions help ? Hope so.
Hi muppett if it's any help I struggle sleeping as you can see from the time above.
I'm now dropping to sleep in the daytime.anyhow I'm going to try now.goodnight everyone
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I have had trouble sleeping for a long time. I might just catch 2 - 3 hours/night. I never "nap" durng the day. Consequently, I am permanently tired, although sometimes the lack of sleep makes me "wired". The advice that I have been given is to use my bedoom as just that - a room to go to bed. Not as a cinema, a library, a study or a restaurant. I take the point, but given that I spend 75% of my time in my bedroom, it is difficult advice to follow.
Some GP's are happy to prescribe sleep aids. I am prescribed diazepam, but as a muscle relaxant for dystonia/dyskinesia. It does not seem to have any effect on my sleep or rather lack of it.
I have often heard it said that one of the main causes of insomnia is worying about not sleeping. Your body will eventually take the rest it needs, albeit perhaps at an inconvenient time.

With best wishes
Thank you for your replies, it's good to know that I'm not the only person not sleeping.