Hi peoples

So I have major sleeping issues to the extent I am getting maybe 3 hours to 5 a night. a lot of restless sleeping to, not on any medication yet as just newly diagnosed with YOPD but at a advanced stage for my age of 19. I am just wondering if theres any super secret thing which will let me sleep better without being addicted to medication :). and while i am at it balance issues are really bad anything for that or will they deal with that with medication as walking with a cane attracts a lot of attention which becomes ebrassing :/.

If it helps the docs said if they went by the stage system (i dont know what that is) that i would be just about stage 4 of PD. Thanks guys :D


Hi silentwolf sorry to hear they think the pd is advanced . I'm not the best person to advise as I am newly diagnosed myself . Hopefully someone on the forum will post a message to you soon someone with more experience than me . What I do know is that I've read several posts where people have had a great response to medication once they've started on it . This medication has alleviated symptoms and in some cases has been quite dramatic . This should help your mobility balance and sleep problems .  I have problems sleeping myself . Yesterday I was awake all night but my problem is mainly pain in leg . I need to speak to neuro about medication myself . I try all the usual things to sleep - warm bath ,hot choc , electric blanket ( I get very cold ) . 

I really hope you feel better soon . My walking has improved to what it was . On holiday in aug I was using a stick at times too . Not using it at moment have been having physio and hydrotherapy . Have they referred you for physio ? I'm just on azilect at the moment . It has helped a bit but I'm told by neuro it is low dose and has maybe more neuro protective qualities than any real symptomatic value . Best wishes . Remember there is always someone here to talk to or you can always speak to one of the nurses on the helpline. 



Hi Silentwolf,  I'm so sorry you are so very young to be diagnosed with parkinsons.

I didn't take any meds for the first 12 months of my diagnosis in 2011 (but had symptoms in 2010), but once I started on the meds Ropinirole XL slow release, which I  might add do not suit everyone, I felt so much better, including the problems with my balance. All the symptoms don't go away by magic but the meds do help to a certain extent. The only thing is still have is the problem with sleeping which is something we all put up with regardless of what meds we are on. Hope your neuro can sort you out with meds that suit you and make you feel a bit better.

Regards Sheffy   


Hey guys thanks for replying. 

Yeah people have told me meds will help really well but i am just reluctent and a little afraid as i've not been a well child lets say and all the medication i've been on before i dont react well so i am just weary if you know what i mean. Glad to hear that medsa work really well for everyone though, and i have been to see physio when i was admitted for a week, and they said due to the advanced stage not much they can do but have given me excerices and suggested swimming haha. 

Anyway thanks guys and i hope both of you do great :D


Maybe when you start the meds and regain some mobility you will be able to have more physio then and there will be more they can help you with . You will probably need to build up muscle strength but in a better position to do this . The medical team will want to replace the dopamine you have lost which will in turn help movement . I can understand you being wary of the meds ( I am too ) . Sometimes it takes a while to find a drug that suits you and the right balance . Hopefully it won't take long for you and you begin to feel better .