Something to watch this evening

Perhaps you would like to watch BARBARA THOMPSON tonight on BBC4 @ 21.00 PLAYING AGAINST TIME Barbara lives with PD and is a famous musician who was born in OXFORD.

Radz x

Thanx Radz, we might watch it. She was on the radio the other day love Sunray

i will deffo be watchin this tonite radar,thankyou for tellin us about it,it sounds very intrestin:smile:


many thanks for telling us about this programme I will certainly be watching
thanks vivian

Thanks Radz. I checked her out on youtube and will definitely watch it

Just written it down, so hope i don't forget!

will look forward to that . have programmed it to record . Thanks for letting us know ..

Thanks Radz, I will be watching and so will my family.

Val x

Thanks Radar i listened to the programme on the radio but didn`t make a note of when she`s on tv - looking forward to it!

Just finished watching the documentary. What a truly inspiration the jazz musician Barbara Thompson is.

Lets pray a cure is found in the near future!

Big C

Yes, I thought it was very well done but did you notice that even she had to wait a year for an Apo pump while the NHS argued about who pays.
Her husband was a treasure as well I thought.

Thanks again radz for telling us about this programme.
I sat and watched it and thought what an amazing lady she just got on with her life, no negativity at all. Her o/h what a wonderful man so difficult for him also. And it did make me cry with so many mixed emotions. What a cruel disease!


i enjoyed the programe about barbara and her hubby and her musical life,she does brill.i did get emoutional cus,im so different to her and had it same time as her,but we all different arnt we.i wish her luck with her music and hope she can carry on,if not rite her music for others.thanks radar for lettin us no this was on last nite.:smile:

For anyone who missed last nights viewing~

...and don't miss the 15 minutes of archiive film showing her and hisband Jon Hiseman in 1979 and again in 2005.

thankyou very much dewey for this info x:smile:

I thought it showed a true account of what living with PD is like, it showed how our meds are affected by diet and timing and when you don't get it right it can cause problems.
She had great support from her hubby and they both had positive attitudes whilst still being realistic in accepting the challenges and changes that PD brings.
Good to see that after 14/15yrs of living with PD she's still getting on with her life, it gives others hope!


Absolutely brilliant. How can she have the guts to stand on stage playing 2 sax's at the same time, while her legs and shoulders are jerking all over the place?

And she'd just thrown up in a bucket before going on!

She's already got an MBE just for services to music. I think a peerage would be more appropriate!

Hi, I missed the programme, unfortunately. Can we hope for a repeat ?

I saw Barbara Thompson in the mid to late '60's when she often appeared with her husband's band , "Jon Hiseman's Colossseum". I was in a soul band during the mid to late 60's and supported Jon Hiseman's Colosseum at a festival in Selby, 1969 I thnk it was.
Wonderful times and lots of good memories.


You can watch it on ~