Sore leg which wakes me from my sleep

I have been recently diagnosed with PD. I have mild symptoms at the moment. I also have arthritis in my knees and ankles. For several months now, I find I am being woken during the night with soreness in my leg. It is different to the pain I get with the arthritis. Could this be caused by the PD ? My consultant seems to think it is the arthritis but I’m not convinced. My leg also feels weak and I cannot go up the stairs normally in case it buckles . I have to take one step at a time and use my better leg first to step up. Does anyone else have this type of soreness?

Hi MelC,
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Hi Jason
Thank you so much for the lovely welcome. I am finding this diagnosis all a bit overwhelming. It’s very difficult trying to explain my symptoms to my consultant and Parkinson’s nurse and find that they feel that the leg discomfort is coming from the arthritis not the Parkinson’s. I am convinced that it’s the Parkinson’s. Either way it’s disrupting my sleep and combined with the fatigue, I’m finding it more difficult to keep up with my demanding job in the NHS. So any hints or tips regarding this would be very much appreciated.

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Keep a diary of when you feel the discomfort before or after taking meds GP will say its parky related, neurologist would say its not parky related, I have for 2 years put up with my legs at night, stiff, ridigit, had to keep moving them. Point and flex feet all the time, my Gp said parky is progressing, parky nurse said it was my sleeping position, they upped one of my meds made no difference, i saw a new consultant in Jan and she put me back on meds I told her did not agree with me that why the last consultant changed them. In the end I was right a parky drug was causing the problem. Now I dont take it, if it is interfering with your sleep, then keep on to everyone until you can answers, remember you live with the.illness

I take magnesium, curcumin & fish oil before bed which has really helped me. Also i dont eat dinner - i fast from lunch - i really can tell the difference of my quality of sleep etc if we eat out. Good luck

hi Melc,
I had a similar problem, a great discomfort in my legs. so i started to take a magnesium supplement. which i take every day. i also use a magnesium oil spray which i l apply to my legs every evening after a hot shower, and it has helped me a lot. i also spray my legs with some hot spray, i use all of these to prevent leg cramps

Another great thing to do is soak in an epsom salt bath🌈

I suffer alot of pain in legs mine is nerve pain I’m on Gabapentin also Amitriptyline ask your gp about these drugs