does everyone understand me way i speak ,cus some folk say they not understand it,ino me spellin is rubbish ,but hey it the way iam
Lov you Ali spellin misstakes andd al xx
lolsteph u little monkey:smile:
HI Ali
Tell me something I've ofen wondered about,since you've brought up the subject:does Becky sometimes post under your name,
Only some of your posts are spelt right? and other times you have a language of your own.LOL

the only time beci posts for me is when i sitting with her on the lappy and i ask her to put something for me,cus me hands are shakin ,or im too stressed to rite the stuff down and she puts it.
That explains it !:grin:
We all make mistakes Ali. I always understand you. xx
No worries alij, I can understand your posts, no problem.

You should see mine after a gin or two! I blame it on the varifocals!!!
Al, I have dyslexia, and find it very frustrating, but as i have got older, i don't care,because people will make the effort to understand if they want to, and the folk that complain, have no business reading your words anyway. you do fine,

yeah thanks u lot ,it cus im the way iam ,and i carnt change so if people dont get me its there prob ant it,inot going to be pushed away cus people have a prob with me,ineed me freiends and i need this forum.thankyou:smile:
Don't worry if you read my posts I have the same problem.
I'm hopeless at spelling.I don't care were the comas or the dots go. I cant be bothered with them .Angel4u
Ali, your spelling is just one of your many charms! :grin:

"Do what you can
Want what you have
Be who you are"

- Forrest Church.
Hi Ali, some people are jsut down right nasty. What if our posts are not perfect. We are here to support each other and not judge. Go go go ali.
dnot wory aj i cnat spel ethrie:laughing:
Its one of the many reasons your so well loved ALIJ,, If there was ever a doubt just look at these posts , i dont think anyone else would get such a responce xxx Parkypete
I would so much rather read a lovely message with funny spellings than a perfectly spelt message which is nasty. Carry on doing exactly what you are doing.