Hi everyone,


the recent study on squalamine and Parkinson's has produced interesting results.

im wondering if people can begin taking this substance now? It is available to be bought online.

does anyone have any feedback about it?


thanks a lot 

Hello there JB78,

My name is Michele Perni, I worked on the squalamine paper and study you read about and I just spotted this forum.

For your information, there is a clinical study, stage 2a currently under completion in the states. The doctors that are leading it, Dr Michael Zasloff and Denise Barbut, are planning to expand a stage 2b to Canada and possibly UK in the next year. You can found more details here http://enterininc.com; the NIH in the USA allows to follow the results of this first trial as ENT-01 compound and they should be made available at the end of the year.

Please also note that the squalamine you can find online as a food supplement is not the compound designed for human studies and the clinical compound is now administered under medical supervision.

Please feel free to get in touch with Michael and Denise (and to ask me any more informations whenever required), to get any more details.

All The Best,

Hello all

My mother suffers from multiple system atrophy, and her doctor suggested squalamine as a therapeutic. I tried contacting the company indicated above but was unable to. Would anyone here have more experience with squalamine since, as well as a suggested source? Alternatively, any related help regarding multiple system atrophy would be most appreciated.

Thank you so much