Stalevo with Madapor

My husband was on 3 stalevo a day for approx 10 years and the effectiveness was wearing off. He had really gone down a lot. We changed neurologists and he was prescribed Madapor with Comtess 3 times a day and Madapor CR at night. For the first two weeks he was back to normal, facial expression back, mobility improved, etc, but from the 3rd week onward he digressed a little, though nothing like what he had been previously to going on Madapor. (On the Stalevo he had nausea always but no nausea on Madapor).
I have been wondering why he was so good for the first two weeks and if it was because the Stalevo still remained in his system. Could the combination of Stalevo and Madapor retrieve this "normal" effect?
You do not give the dosage of his medication, especially the total Levodopa, was this the same or increased?
Comtess is another name for Entacapone, one of the (3) ingredients of Stalevo. The other two ingredients are Levodopa and Carbidopa.
Madopar contains Levodopa and Benserazide. If the dosage remained the same after changeover the only difference between the tablets Madopar + Comtess and the Stalevo tablet would then be the Benserazide instead of Carbidopa, which should not make a great deal of difference.