Stavelo stuck in throat

Can anyone advise on what works to deal with Stavelo stuck on the way down. My husband has just started these 2 days ago and it’s been a disaster. The tablet sticks so he isn’t getting the levadopa/cardidopa he needs. Still trying to get a tablet down when next one due. Can’t get a reply from Parkinson’s nurse

Hi Aileen,
This sounds like something that can be directed to the helpline, even if it just means finding you more accessible medical care in your area. Please do reach out on 0808 800 0303.
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Hello Aileen
Sorry to hear your husband is having problems and @jason.mod’s suggestions is worth following up. However you might want to try this which I posted on the forum a while ago

or it may be worth finding out if the medication comes in another form other than a tablet - a capsule for example or maybe a patch or liquid. Hopefully one of the suggestions will work for him. Do let us know how you get on.
Best wishes.

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Hi Aileen
We have had this with Stalevo. It is a bit of a monster tablet isn’t it. Through our neurologist we changed to madopar in capsule form and entacapone. No problems now. If swallowing is a problem you need assessment with speech therapist for SALT assessment Think you need to speak to your PD nurse in the first instance and see if she will contact the relevant people for you. Hope this gives you an informed way forward.

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Hi there, the kind of problem your Husband is experiencing, can be very stressful and of course serious. If you haven’t already spoken with a speech and language therapist, (SALT) it might be time doing so? I have this issue too and my SALT suggested having my tablets with yoghurt and also tipping my neck forward helps. Good luck to your husband.
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If you have this problem try swallowing with yogurt slides down no problem :thinking:

Thank you. The helpline is something I didn’t know about. Yogurt and the SALT couldn’t help so opicapone and sinemet being tried and GP’s pharmacist is offering help with advice on which of the other 20+ pills can be crushed/dissolved regardless of package instructions

Hi Aileen. So pleased you are finding solutions. Like you my husband is on many medications. Stalevo seemed to the main culprit causing choking. Some of the other meds are in oral suspension now which is much easier.
Best wishes.

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Could this be an option for your husband?