So we went to amble beach yesterday and went on to the rocks to find crabs for the grandsons, i struggled with balance and stiffness but managed for a little while for the kids like u do. Today i am so damn stiff and dont feel myself ( fatigue/fogginess/pain) does this happen if you over do things? Finding it difficult to ease stiffness

Hi @Jayejaye75, :wave:t5:

Non - motor symptoms like fatigue and stiffness are common among people with Parkinson’s. We have a lot of information via the Parkinson’s UK website on how you can manage these symptoms here.

I’m sure you’ll hear from some of your fellow members shortly with their own advice and experiences.

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My husband has a exercise bicycle as exercise is good for Parkinsons. He cycles for about 20 minutes a day and I am sure it does him good. He couldn’t do it recently for a while as he had an operation but having started again he is definitely more steady on his feet.