Sunday Observer yesterday - Speech Tool app

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Yesterday in the Sunday Observer newspaper was an interesting article on page 20

about the work of computer expert Roger Eglin who has unveiled a smartphone app that he developed to help patients with Parkinson's disease. It says people wiht P often fail o realise theyare speaking very quietly.  They frequently mutter and slur their words. Communication becomes difficult and patients feel increasingly isolated. Eglin designed his app - which tells patients how their voices compare with background noise - so that they could monitor their speech levels and maintain better links with the outside world.  Essentially it trains them to speak louder and more clearly..


The aim for Eglin who leds a computer animation course at Portsmouth University, was to transform the lives of those with Parkinson's.

This desire has proved to have an unfortunate twist to it - for just as his app was being launched in August 2013, the 53 year old was told by doctors that he had the disease.  the article goes on to say The diagnosis devastated Eglin "I didn't know which way was up for the first three months 

. " Then I realised I would just have to get on with things." In his spare time he completes in triathlons and raises money for Parkinsons' UK. 

It is a very interesting article and I found his work email and wrote to thank him for his work and for writing about this disease as I think Parkinson's does not get enough attention by the press and media.

So if you understand about dowloading apps - hve a go and try out this Speech Tool App.

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Does this app have a name, how do I download it.