Has anybody else discovered that the heat makes you feel better?

The recent days of sunshine have been wonderful, I feel so much better



yes. i moved to ausralia. sunshine very beneficial

could try uv lamp and vit d as an alterative


yeh your right there its the vit d,but have found the sun abroad makes you feel much better than england ! may be its because you get more sun hours


the wavelengths of light that get through the atmosphere are different. Even in summer english light is yellowish, which is very nice and romantic, but not as useful medically as the bluer light of the med and tropics, i suspect.

even one cloudy day has me down. at work i have  lamp with  natural light light bulb which i think helps. ordinary light bulbs are very yellow light


Hi caroline,


Yes it does me me feel a lot better. I seem to be able to move better. We have unusual nice weather for Ireland so i make the best of it and sit in the garden in my free time. Also i live near the Botanic Gardens and thats lovely to sit there in the sun.


cheers for that info turnip! just thinking about booking next years holscool


recommend villablanca in spain - the sunniest place in europe. cool


I was only thinking how i didn't feel as stiff in the shoulders. Bring on more sunshine and for longer


flora gardens antalya turkey 2 weeks all in


OH  enjoys the  sun, even more than they did before P.

Just come back from a cruise to the Baltic where we had great, but unexpected good, weather, and will be looking at another cruise for some Autumn sunshine.


never fancied a cruise but a lot of people go on them now i know  !


i went whale watching a year ago and was unbelievably sea sick - i now know what bile looks like - i think the meds may have had a hand in it so now am very very wary of leaving solid land. Turkey sounds a good bet.


Nothing beats the botanic garden around the corner where i live in Dublin, especially now everything is in bloom. You can sit anywhere and if you wants stroll back to the pavillion for a cup of tea.....heaven


Its a peculiar thing this lovely heat and sunshine. When it first started a few weeks ago I loved it and felt so much better, but now I am finding it absolutely draining. My ' off ' times are getting much longer, with the meds hardly making a difference, and I am just so hot , I feel I could burst. I am doing everything I can to keep cool , and have hardly left home lately because of the heat and symptoms.

Don't get me wrong , I have always loved the sun and warm, even lived abroad for a while, but just can't seem to cope with it now. Am I the only one feeling the 'heat'. 


it was great like you say ,but its turned into a muggy heat sticky,i know what your saying & im a sun worshiper