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Hi there. I'm new to the forum, and I wondered whether by any chance anyone knows of an anglophone Parkinson's group in France? My husband has Parkinson's, and I would really value some advice and support in my own language! My French is fine, no problems with discussing any of the medical/clinical issues in French - but for me, a bit of personal support,  in English, would be a real treat!! Thanks.

Hi tarnowl,

I have not found one near to us, so if you do please let me know (although France is a very large area).

I trust your husband is getting similar support to me.



I can't offer face-to-face support but do use the forum to find friends, info, advice etc etc.

We are a community which cares for each other as best we can and are ever only a click away.



Hi tarnowl, 

You could contact L'association France Parkinson to see if they offer any English speaking support.

Website address is

They also have a map which you can use to search by location. I'm not sure if that will have exactly what you are after but it might be worth a try. 

Hope that helps. 

Best wishes, 


My parents live in France - French Father and English mother. My dad has Parkinsons and my mother feels a bit overwhelmed by the french medical system and what support is available, so would really value finding some form of anglo support network. Did you find anything? I'm very aware your post dates back a few years so apologies for contacting you out of the blue, however I've been doing a lot of research my end and can't find anything. I really want to find a way to help my mother and I know that finding a group of english speaking careers/patients in France would really help her not feel so alone. Thank you.

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hi,i dont have much info,i lived in france for 5yrs and used a translater to get disability benifits which was about 800 euros a mth,it was to much hassle for me to seek further assistance so i went back to england a yr ago and it was so much easier to get more help,but thats my story.

I have not looked in on this Forum for a while - I am happy to assist and share my experiences if it helps. PM me as not sure whether all reply notifications from the site get through my email system.

Help if you can…can’t find any up to date posts re living with PD and connecting with others in france …thanks

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Hi Longdog,
Your GP and Physio therapist may know groups in your area and the Neurology departments often have English speaking doctors & nurses.

It can be difficult at times as well I know.

Private Message me if you wish.

Regards & best wishes