Supporting mum

Hi all,

Joined on mums behalf, shes in a bad way, been meaning to register as difficult to know were to go next on your own. Looking online too much to take in sometimes when in pain myself.

Mum 65, diagnosed Sept 2012
Hi, parkpost, and welcome!
You will find lots of sympathetic souls on this forum, plus lots of people who have experienced what you and your mum are going through now. I hope you will find the support you need.
Has your mum been diagnosed? Is she on any meds?
hiya parkpost,welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx 12 years ,im 43 years old:smile:the internett is a good thing,but prob is sometimes you can read into medical things far to much and end up scaring your self.coming to the forum was a correct thing to do,talking to people who are goin through the same as your mom,and carers and family like your self.has your mom been givern a pd nurse?she will help with alot of questions you need to no as well.also there is the helpline here on puk,always there for anyone.:smile:
Thanks guys,

She was diagnosed Sept last year,taking sinemet & neupro. We've had a pd nurse who has been brill & seen someone from parkinson society. Hopeing this Fri goes well with neuro, took 5 years of pushing before she finally got diagnosed.
Hi parkpost, welcome to the forum - you will find plenty of support here.