Swallowing problems

My husband has been fed through an NG tube for the past 6 weeks and is unable to swallow without the danger of contracting pneumonia. It has been suggested that a stomach peg should be used. Has anyone any experience in this field please? I know he won't be able to ejoy food again but unless anyone has any other suggestions the alternative is starvation which I am not prepared to face.
My mum had a peg after she had a very bad stroke , it was her choice . IShe was 90 at the time I didn't try to influence her . She was in hospital for 5months from where she eventually went into a nursing home .

Although was very immobile , it wasn't easy for either of us but even though we had some tearful times we had lots of laughs as well for an extra three years . She never once said she wanted to give in . Of course that's not everyone's choice and I know lots of people decide early on it will not be for them .

Mum never had any problem at all with the peg , maybe she was lucky . I don't know of anyone else so cannot compare
Thank you so much for that. My husband is only 80 but like your Mum won't give in so we have to give him every chance. So good to know that your Mum had no problems with the peg I'm sure that given the chance we will give it a go.
Dear Bossyboots,

I'd be interested to know how your husband's PD medications will be administered via the peg feeding.

I had been led to believe that it would be necessary to crush tablets via this method, which of course isn't good with certain types of PD medications.
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I guess he has already been having his medications via the NG tube already, so maybe this problem has already been addressed, or hasn't proven to be a problem for your husband.

I understand also that the peg tube fitting requires anaesthetic, and that the feeding time can take a long time, and doesn't guarantee that aspiration can be avoided. So it seems that it is quite an intrusive procedure by itself. There are no simple solutions, sadly.
Thanks for the reply. Currently he is taking sinemet which is being crushed and diluted and,you are right,fed through the NG tube. I have checked on the procedure for fitting the peg and looks quite simple with a local anaesthetic. Will find out more on Monday after speaking to his consultant. All comments will be gratefully recieved. Many thanks

as you said procedure for PEg insertion undertaken with local anaesethic if patient is very anxious they can give Midazolam which just makes the person feel 'whoozy' they don't remember procedure but does not knock them out.

the feeding regime is pretty straight forward and is tailored to the individual , in the main the issue for people is not tasting food orally which is very sad, can you hubbie take anything orally ?
I work with children with special needs, some are peg fed. As long as the area is kept clean and the correct procedure followed there is nothing to worry about really and it will reduce the risk of pneumonia .

Thanks everyone for replies really helps. Currently speech therapist recommends nil by mouth but I'm hoping this may change as he gets stronger. Will let you know how he gets on after meeting with consultant on Monday. First time I have posted anything on this site must say I am really impressed