Swollen feet


My mum was diagnosed with PD a year ago - consultant thinks she has possibly had it about 5/6 years now.

The only medication she is on at the moment are anti fatigue tablets.  We are due to see the consultant in June and I know she is now thinking about trying medication as shaking and other symptoms have got a lot worse recently.

My question is because she has been suffering a lot lately with swollen feet, and also noticed they have a 'mottled' look about them.  Is this quite common with PD or should we be speaking to the Dr to see if it's anything else?

Sorry, may see a 'how long is a piece of string' kind of question, but I just wanted to know if it was quite common.

Thanks in advance



I haven't had this problem (yet!) so haven't got any personal experience, but the 'PD UK' info sheet on Foot Care does mention swollen feet (you might have already seen this but I've -hopefully -  put in the link just in case). You may well get more information from others who have experienced this symptom but it might be a starting point. I hope you get some answers and your mum gets some support with her symptoms. It's a personal decision but in my case,  I started on medication straight after diagnosis; I'm not totally sure how this came about as I was too busy trying to process what I'd been told but two years on and I still think it was the right decision for me. 

Best wishes to you both in getting support,





Hi Hettb

I had a swollen right foot ( my right sides affected ) it was painful . It was thought it could be bone pain caused by lack of vitamin d . My blood was checked and it was low . I have to take it every day on prescription . The swelling has gone . Whether this is due to the vit d or other PD meds who knows as I was really dragging my foot before PD meds which could also account for swelling ..

Thanks you for your replies - I think I'll get mum a Drs appointment.  I don't really want her waiting until the beginning of June, at least the Dr could rule other things out if that were the case.



I guess by now Hettb & Mum have found a solution however this post may help others in a similar situation.

My Mum with PD (dx 8yrs) occasionally gets swollen feet which is sometimes associated with poor circulation to legs/feet. I bought her some gel insoles which are available online from Happyfeet. They help improve the circulation and therefore the swelling is improved. The only caution is that because they are gel they can make you feel 'sea sick' when you first wear them so she doesn't use them if she is feeling unsteady.