Symptoms and diagnosis

Hi I am a 32 year old male from Cardiff. I started to have a tremor in my hand a year ago now and it is now in both hands and gets worse when relaxed. Also I have been suffering with major headaches and I get confused. Also suffer from depression and I also have sleep issues. Also in the last few months it now feels like my whole body is shaking. I feel that I have Parkinson's but my Gp and the specialist I seen doesn't and I feel really confused as the symptoms I have are listed on the site. They also keep saying I'm too young for it. 

i just want to know what other people's first symptoms was and how to get drs to believe me? 



hi  OH first symptoms were arms shaking, feeling as though his legs were not going where he wanted when walking and trouble swallowing.  He was 80 and we put it down to age until he went worse. The Parkinsons nurse told us that every person's symptoms are different and that the progression is different.  The husband of a friend of mine had Parkinsons in his 30s but I also believe that it is not always easy to diagnose Parkinsons.  Good Luck.