Hi all iv not been diagnosed yet but has been suggested, both my grandparents and dad had pd I have recently been suffering with back,hip, shoulder and general pain all over I have had carpal tunnel ops twice on both hands and no real change I don’t sleep well and if I sit I’m told I’m like a 90 yr old when I get up as I’m stiff I’m only 42 I also am stiff in the mornings,my hands curl into nearly a fist and are sore and tight and I get a burning sensation in hands and feet I also get headaches most days and my legs want to run most nights in bed I also sometimes get shaky hands I also been recently diagnosed with Reynards as you guys are familiar with pd do these sound like I could have the symptoms and to get checked thanks

Hi @Willow187, :wave:t3:

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Parkinson’s can be hereditary, but it is very rare for it to run in families.

Only a small number of cases have been reported as hereditary. The vast majority of people with Parkinson’s have what is called ‘idiopathic Parkinson’s’. This means there is no known cause for it to develop. Parkinson’s also affects people differently and there’s no real way to know if you have the condition unless you get a diagnosis from a medical professional

We have a lot of information via our website about the early symptoms of Parkison’s which I think will be very useful to you and you can find this here. However, I encourage you to speak to your GP about your concerns so they can arrange an appointment with a neurologist to get you some answers.

We also have a fantastic team of advisers via our free and confidential helpline service who’d love to offer you more suppport on this. Please feel free to call us on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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