Tablet change

Just as I find the right dose which involves a half tablet they go and remove the scoring and change the shape to prevent half doses. My synical self makes me wonder if this will force some people to 'round up' their dose thus using more tablets and giving more revenue to the manufacturers. Or perhaps someone can give me a less cynical reason.
I should have said that I am referring to Sinemet changes. (see main site news).
My situation exactly. I have just started adding half a sinemet in the middle of the night (I get up anyway) to help aching legs which are not a big deal and don't wake me up by themselves unless I have a sciatic pain or hip bursitis as now in which case the aches compound the discomfort. This way I only take two sorts of PD tablets - sinemat and azilect - simple. How annoyed I was to read that they are changing my sinemet tablet to a round one with no scoring. Fortunately, I have enough tablets to last till my next neuro appointment. He's been suggesting various kinds of d.a.'s for two years which I have been able to resist so far as my PD is progressing quite slowly since dx. aged 69, almost three and a half years ago and at the moment I take three and a half sinemet plus The big question is will the new versions really be exactly the same in practice?
you could get a pill cutter, available at your nearest pharmacy.

i think there's very little profit in most levadopa pills because they are cheap to make and past their patent expiry.
I think it is best never to break tablets if a lower dose is available. Eileenpatricia why not ask for some Sinemet 62,5mg tablets? This gives you more flexibility in your doses and greater accuracy. I doubt anyone will be halving these 62,5mg tablets?
The extra half tablet I take is half a 62.5. I have a pill cutter and will use it but round tablets are difficult to divide accurately.
It maybe because the scored tablets broke in half or crumbled when you tried to get them out of their package.I have broken many tablets as they are very difficult to press out anyway