The best use of Madopar Dispersible


As I am experiencing severe "wearing off' symptoms after being diagnosed 6 years ago, I have been using Madopar Dispersible tablets (one or two 62.5 mg a day) to give me mobility to do things like shopping , cope with visiting etc. My regular meds are 10x62.5 mg of Madopar, but they are obviously not enough now :-( The dispersible works like magic, but I am concerned that if I use them too often they will lose effect. Would be very appreciative if anyone had some advice on this? Hold fast.  


Hi !

   Only Madopar dispersible ?  My consultant calls these emergency / rescue pills which I take if I freeze or otherwise become immobile.  I usually take Stalevo and have increased the dosage from  3 x 75 mg about  5 years after diagnosis to my current 5 x 150mg today (10 years after diagnosis.)   

Strength and frequency are currently being adjusted by myself to optimise the movement.  At night I tried slow release for about 6 months with little positive impact.

Take Care !



I have been taking only Madopar Dispersible for almost a year. I could not tolerate Sinemet CR. My off time symptoms include dizziness, unable to keep still, painful wrist joints, painful hands.

My Neurologist told me that Madopar Dispersible and Sinemet CR were identical, it appears not...

I will try to find an alternative medication as I cannot cope with these symptoms much longer.

Take care,

Paul Cook