The cold

Hi everyone, what does everyone do or wear on those cold winter days which find is effecting my p diddy,what type of things is everybody doing to fight off the
Thanks kev :grin:
plenty of cuddles
Good idea lol I'll try that tonight :grin::grin:
I use a hallogen heater (cost 20 pounds). Its cheap to run and provides a warm glow.
Thanks polly I'll give that try,thanks again :grin:
Also I bought fleece pyjamas in a catalogue sale and they are great. My friend wears a track suit to bed so she looks sporty in the mornings.
sounds like a good idea polly i saw them in a shop just the other day so i must give them a try,the tracksuit thing give me a laugh so thanks for that,ive had pd for 2 years now what about yourself im having some pain in my right arm and leg and the cold makes it worse some days but other wise things r not to bad:grin:,i found out when i was 45 so it was a hell of a shock but im getting used 2 living with it u just have to keep going forward :laughing:take care, kev